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The SprayBot For SprayWorks Equipment Group

SprayBot Spray Foam and Polyurea Equipment

The SprayBot allows for new and existing spray foam and Polyurea contractors to consistently, aesthetically and accurately produce the best of the best systems and meet the most demanding specifications. The SprayBot reduces overspray, employee fatigue while increasing production and maximizing product yields. The SprayBot is not for just spray foam roofing. The SprayBot can also spray polyureas and coatings.



The SprayBot features and on board generator, toolbox and a enclosed windscreen assembly. Run times of 8 hours on 1 gallon of fuel. The SprayBot can be assembled in less time it takes to heat your spray hoses. The SprayBot has 4 parts that can be dissemble for transportation in a mobile spray foam rig or truck.



The SprayBot head is adjustable allowing for different spray heights and easily adapts to most all spray foam and coating guns including the Fusion, GX-7, AP-1, P2 and more. User friendly controls allow the user to adjust the drive speed controlling foam thickness or millage thickness.



Works with most any spray foam machine, Polyurea machine, and single component coating pumps. 25 to 35 pounds of material per minute is not a problem for the Spraybot to handle.


Works with PMC, Gusmer, Graco, Gama and other types of spray foam and polyurea equipment.


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Foam Rigs For Sale

16ft Series Spray Foam Rig

The M 16 Master Series spray foam rigs offer spray foam contractors choices found in larger spray foam rigs and can carry up to 3 sets of product. Choose from the PH-20, PH-25 and the PH-40 series spray foam machines, optional generators and compressors.

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Spray Foam Equipment

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation

The most user friendly, reliable spray foam equipment in the spray foam buisness. With decades of experiance, PMCs spray foam machines offer relay logic technology, point-to-point wiring and stroke down counter featuring the most competitive pricing.

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Spray Foam Rigs

Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Foam Rigs For Sale.com's turnkey mobile spray foam rigs are available in many varieties, sizes, and colors, with optional polyurea and spray foam machines, generators, compressors, box trucks, portable spray foam units including our custom built spray foam rigs.

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