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AP-2 Spray Foam and Polyurea Gun

The pioneering technology behind the design of the AP-2 Spray Gun continues to demonstrate PMC’s commitment to excellence in our products, our market, and to our customers.

PMCs AP-2 spray foam and coating gun is a must have for your spray foam and polyurea rig.

AP-2 Spray Foam and Polyurea Gun

One of the latest spray foam guns by PMC, the APEX Extended Reach Pole Gun allows contractors to reach 10 feet or more, without the use of scaffolding. Customers save 30% or more in spray time with the pole gun. Click here for more information.

Advanced Pattern Development and Mixing:

The AP-2 spray Gun mixing chamber and PCT design provides a multitude of spray pattern and mixing combinations. The operator can easily change the size and configuration of the PCT from outside the gun without having to take the gun apart. PCTs available in Round, Flat, Blaster and Pour configurations!


Mixing  Chamber Lbs/Per/Min @ 1,000PSI Lbs/Per/Min @ 2,000PSI
GU-815-000 4 6
GU-815-00 7 11
GU-815-01 9 16
GU-815-02 12 22
GU-815-03 18 32
GU-815-04 25 47

Prevent intrusion of foam or coatings into the pneumatically operated components of the gun in the event of a crossover!

Reduces operator fatigue, develops an immediate spray pattern and makes the gun extremely responsive.

Works with Gusmer, Graco, Gama and other types of spray foam and polyurea equipment.

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