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Foam Rigs For Sale

Spray Foam Rig 20ft Series

Foam Rigs For Sale's Mobile 20ft spray foam rig is a 14,000GVW 20ft tag-along trailer. The spray Rig can be outfitted with any of PMCs hydraulic spray foam or polyurea machines. Best suited for the PH-25, PHX-25 or the PH-40, PHX-40 series.

Foam Rigs For Sale's 20ft mobile spray foam and polyurea rigs feature a 40Kw generator with driver's side exterior fuel filler neck and 5 HP electric compressor. Your choice of PMC's hydraulic machine and the 20ft series trailers are sprayed with closed-cell spray foam from top to bottom, featuring an insulated partition wall, air dryer, spray guns, heated hoses and much more.....

20ft Mobile Spray Foam Rig

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Eco 20 Spray Foam Rig Layout

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Foam Rigs For Sale

16ft Series Spray Foam Rig

The M 16 Master Series spray foam rigs offer spray foam contractors choices found in larger spray foam rigs and can carry up to 3 sets of product. Choose from the PH-20, PH-25 and the PH-40 series spray foam machines, optional generators and compressors.

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Spray Foam Equipment

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation

The most user friendly, reliable spray foam equipment in the spray foam buisness. With decades of experiance, PMCs spray foam machines offer relay logic technology, point-to-point wiring and stroke down counter featuring the most competitive pricing.

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Spray Foam Rigs

Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Foam Rigs For Sale.com's turnkey mobile spray foam rigs are available in many varieties, sizes, and colors, with optional polyurea and spray foam machines, generators, compressors, box trucks, portable spray foam units including our custom built spray foam rigs.

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