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SprayWorks Equipment Group announces affordable high performance over spray release and lubricant to the spray foam and polyurea market.

SprayWorks Equipment Group is well known for bringing quality products at affordable pricing to the spray foam industry, from mobile spray foam rigs, barrel blazer drum heaters, the SprayBot and PMC spray foam equipment, just to name a few.

SprayWorks introduces a high performance Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release agent that is a clear spray-on silicone mold release and lubricant combined. SprayWorks Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release is designed specifically for use on spray foam insulation equipment, like lends covers, mask, spray guns, machines and hoses, making foam removal a snap.

Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release is also a lubricant; lubricate internal and external components on and in your spray guns. Use SprayWorks Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release when rebuilding spray foam equipment, pre lubricating piston shafts and seals before reassembly. Apply Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release to piston shafts before, during and after usage to further extend the life of seals. Pre-lubricate gun parts, O-Rings and much more……

SprayWorks high performance Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release is also an excellent mold release for polyurethane foams, elastomers, epoxies, composites and other thermoset polymers. Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release can be spray applied to a wide range of surfaces. Simply spray on prior to use. Make clean up faster while protecting your PPE and spray foam equipment.

If you own a spray foam business or new to the industry, this is a must-have for your SPRAY FOAM RIG.

New PH-20 Spray Foam Machine From PMC

The PH-20/PAX-20 Proportioner has been designed and built for the application of polyurea chemical systems, polyurethane foam chemical systems and some specific two-component epoxy systems.

Principal Heating System

The Proportioners consists of two (2) independent Material Heaters without internal seals. The PH-20 Heater has Three (3) Heating Elements per heater rated at 1,250 watts each giving the Proportioner a total heat of 7500 watts. The PHX-30 heater also has 3 Heating elements per heater rated at 1500 watts each giving the proportioner a total heat of 9000 watts. Each heater has the necessary controls and safety components for their precise operation. The Material Heater design allows a temperature differential (ΔT) of 58º F and material application temperatures of up to 190º F.

Hose Heating System

The system is designed with a 2 KVA Isolation Transformer that enables effective heating of up to a total hose length of 210 feet. The system includes an innovative hose heating concept in which the continuous braid tinned-copper jacket is distributed evenly around the circumference of the hose providing a uniform heating watt density and precise control of the material application temperature. This hose heating element design is extremely resistant to fatigue failure.