M-16ft Series Spray Foam Rig

The M 16 Master Series are the new benchmark for mobile spray foam rigs anywhere. Sparing no effort, providing you with the utmost in affordable performance. Foam Rigs For Sale offers a diverse range of exclusive spray foam rigs and turnkey solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality products and offer a quality guarantee on all spray rigs.

Your request for small, large, or custom built mobile spray foam rigs, will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover what we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

The M-16ft Series spray foam rigs can be modified to acommodate the power and performance found in larger spray foam rigs, without that large price tag. These spray foam rigs provide the power to excute your projects, whether your job is a small interior spray foam insulation project, a large commerical project, or a spray foam roofing project.

The M-16 spray trailer features a diesel generator and electric compressor. The M-16 can also be built with an optional gas generator, gas compressor or diesal generator compressor combo unit. The generator and compressor are in there own compartment to keep the machine room quite. Everything is easily accessible due to its effective layout. The M-16 spray foam rigs rear ramp door features a 1/4″ steel bridge plate that automatically opens and closes making it easy to roll drums in and out of the trailer.

Spray contractors especially like the M-16 mobile spray foam rig series for their compactness, versatility and affordability!

Choose from PMCs PH-20, PH-25 or PH-40 Spray Foam Eqipment. For large spray foam roofing projects, we recommend the PH-40 spray foam machine used in concert with the SpayBot. This gives you all the power of larger spray foam rigs in a small package. Carry up to 3 set of material with all the space you need.  The 16ft Series spray foam rigs can be purchase starting in the low 40s turnkey.

Diesel generator options are available and heated hose lengths up to 410ft are available.