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Drum Heaters

Foam Rigs For Sale carries the barrel blazer drum heaters for your spray foam rig, polyurea spray rig, spray foam equipment and polyurea equipment.

The Barrel Blazer drum heaters are more than a drum heater. They become an essential part of your spray system.

Recommended for use with all mobile spray foam rigs and polyurea spray rigs.

Easy to operate with a two stage high and low setting. Set on the low setting overnight and your product will be ready to process the next day. For extreme cold days, set the Barrel Blazer drum heater on the high setting for that extra boost.

Recommended for use with PMC, Gusmer, Graco, Gama, Glascraft and all other types of spray foam and coating equipment. 

What others are saying...

I operate a spray foam business in central Oklahoma. I purchased 4 of the Barrel Blazers approximately 3 yrs ago. They work great. I usually load the night before a job and turn them on low all night. My materials are heated and ready to spray the next morning. I have had occasions where they weren’t heated quite enough, so we switch them on high when we arrive at the job site. The jackets have also made a huge difference by holding the temps of the drums. Well worth the cost on both of these items.
Kenneth Perryman
K&J Spray Foam
Just wanted to give you a quick update on the barrel blazer system. We have been very happy with the purchase of this system earlier this year. We have been having temperatures in the low to mid 30’s during the day here and going into the twenties during the night. We consistently keep two kits in the trailer and run the 4 blazers on low. This has kept the temperature of the trailer in the 60’s to date, We have not had to add any additional sources of heat. When we go to do job the foam is always warm and ready once we get to the site. This has definitely saved us money are we are not having to keep the trailer in the shop and heat our shop up. Thanks for suggesting this product to us.
Andrew Hood
Energy Saver Spray Foam

Spray Foam Rig Drum Heaters

The Barrel Blazer Jacket helps to retain the heat in your drums. Ideal for extreme cold environments an or to accelerate drum temperature heating times. The Barrel Blazer Insulated Jacket also can be used to reflect the suns rase from the drums. Helps to protect the drums from excessive heat.